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            Welcome to Ningbo Leige Machinery Co., Ltd



            Profession, Innovation, Quality and Integrity

            Ningbo Leige Machinery Co., Ltd

            Ningbo Leige Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, design, production and trade of airless spraying machine, stone paint spraying machine, putty spraying machine, waterproof and fireproof mortar spraying machine. At present, the company has two independent brands, i.e. Oplan and Greg. The company is based on the industry of thousand sprayers with its high-quality products and excellent services. With the development of the market, the company will vigorously expand the sales network in the domestic market, and work together with professionals at home and abroad to serve the majority of spray machine users!

            ■  Always provide the best service

            Today, reggae has more than 50 distributors in the country, with its sales and service network all over the country. It has set up a group of independent service centers and agents, so as to quickly give feedback to customers' needs and constantly improve customer satisfaction. With professional and high-quality service, Ningbo Rege has won high praise from customers at home and abroad, and will also increase the continuous improvement of product sales series and the optimization of sales network.

            ■  Your suggestion is the foundation of our innovation

            Our success comes from the continuous innovation of technology, solutions and the concept of only making excellent products! Innovation is based on demand, and our new ideas and concepts are directly from the needs of the construction site - how to improve construction efficiency and simplify complex construction? Reggie - use "core" to solve - cut!

            ■  Continuous innovation

            We continue to write the history of the new screen chapter, will never stop the pace of development. We are committed to continuous product development and innovation, and aspire to be the pioneer of spray machine technology and design. We firmly believe that in the near future, where there is painting construction, there will be products sold by Reggae company.