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            Welcome to Ningbo Leige Machinery Co., Ltd



            Talent recruitment
            Process planning 2 place

            Job description


            1 participate in the formulation and revision of technology and process development plan.

            2. According to the research tasks and requirements of process test, investigate the process test research work to ensure the quality and progress of the process test research work.

            3. Complete the process plan, process quota documents, and design of special process equipment, and submit them for review.

            4. Organize the preparation of various confirmation standards and detection methods for production materials and parts, as well as various forms of test methods.

            5. The negative person shall prepare the quota of material technology and provide support for the inspection department to prepare inspection documents.

            6. Solve the technical problems in accordance with the requirements in a timely manner.

            7. Prepare process procedures, process disciplines and other relevant process rules, distribute them to each workshop after approval and organize the implementation. Carry out supervision and guidance of production process quality control and planning operation, and provide technical support for relevant process and technical problems on the production site

            8. Do a good job in technical training for production personnel and quality control personnel, pay attention to the technical development status of the industry, and put forward suggestions for technical transformation of production process


            1. Mechanical manufacturing (iron parts). Be able to independently complete CAD drawing of mechanical parts (process validation tooling design and quality standard formulation in the production process). Have relevant mechanical operation ability

            2. Strong professional research spirit, time concept and cost awareness, team cooperation ability and work coordination ability

            Company introduction

            Ningbo Leige Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, design, production and trade of airless spraying machine, stone paint spraying machine, putty spraying machine, waterproof and fireproof mortar spraying machine. At present, the company has two independent brands, i.e. Oplan and Greg. The company is based on the industry of thousand sprayers with its high-quality products and excellent services. With the development of the market, the company will vigorously expand the sales network in the domestic market, and work together with professionals at home and abroad to serve the majority of spray machine users!