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            Discussion on real stone lacquer emulsion


            At present, the real stone paint for building exterior wall has been widely used. The real stone paint can achieve the texture of stone and avoid the shortcomings of stone. It is the best choice for building exterior wall decoration. It can achieve various shapes and curved surfaces, long color preservation and light weight, solve the risk of stone hanging off, and be healthy and environmental friendly. Part of the real stone lacquer will fall off after the storm. What's the matter? This is because the quality of the real lacquer lotion is too poor. Today, saidI Xiaobian will introduce the emulsion of real stone paint.

            As the film-forming material of genuine lacquer, emulsion plays a decisive role in the performance of coating, such as color retention, water resistance, compactness, flexibility, weatherability, durability and so on. According to the different levels of emulsion composition, genuine lacquer is generally divided into the following three categories:

            1、 Silicon acrylic real stone paint

            Silicon acrylic real stone paint is the top-grade real stone paint product at present, with excellent water resistance, color retention, compactness, weather resistance, durability, and the service life of the coating can be up to 10-15 years. At present, these products are mainly used in high-end hotels, commercial building, government office buildings and so on. However, silicone acrylic emulsion is expensive and generally less popular.

            2、 Pure class C real stone paint

            The pure lacquer made of pure acrylic emulsion has good water resistance, color retention and flexibility, and the effect of coating finish can maintain no obvious discoloration in 8-10 years. But the weather resistance of this kind of real stone paint is inferior to that of silicon-c real stone paint. Most of them are used for the exterior walls of buildings with low requirements of weather resistance or the interior walls of general buildings such as residential buildings, office buildings, factories, etc. It is the most commonly used emulsion at present.

            3、 Styrene acrylic real stone paint

            The use of styrene acrylic emulsion real stone paint, water resistance is poor, water coating will be white, color retention is poor, coating easily fade. The service life of this kind of real stone paint is shorter than that of pure C, generally speaking, it will change color and yellow in 2-3 years. If the use of poor quality styrene acrylic emulsion, it will change color in two or three months. Because of the low cost and easy production, most of the styrene acrylic real stone paints on the market are produced by the local smaller real stone paint manufacturers. When Said Ali Jan Sasi was established, he positioned the top of the industry and rejected the emulsion.

            Is it true that pure acrylic genuine lacquer is high quality real stone paint? Of course not. Judging the quality of genuine lacquer, there are many indicators, one of which is the content of emulsion in genuine lacquer. The selected sand is also very important. The seideli real stone paint is made of calcined sand, natural colored sand and weak acid cleaning, and calcined at high temperature. The quality is guaranteed! Please click here for the forged sand stone paint.