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            Advantages of gypsum spraying machine


            Nowadays, with the rapid development of mechanical automation, many jobs are mechanized, which not only saves labor input, but also saves costs and improves efficiency. For example, traditional methods of painting and plastering used to be manual, not only slow but also tired, often causing wrist pain at the end of the day. The application of gypsum spraying machine solves this problem. The machine adopts pumping mode, and sprays gypsum on the wall by spraying the wall, which saves the steps of artificial painting, and only needs simple scraping to complete gypsum painting.

            Although the machine is very easy to use, some novices are not familiar with the operation and often fail to achieve the expected results. Therefore, let's understand the key points to be paid attention to when using gypsum spraying machine.

            Due to the limitation of pump pressure, the conveying distance should not be too long, otherwise the conveying resistance of gypsum will be increased. Therefore, in the effective spraying range of gypsum spraying machine, the distance should be shortened as much as possible to obtain good pumping spraying effect.

            In each use, the air pump shall be turned on first, and then the equipment shall be turned off after use to prevent the gypsum slurry from flowing back into the air needle and causing blockage.

            The spraying thickness can be changed by increasing or decreasing the moving speed of the spraying gun. The spraying should move at a uniform speed, otherwise it is easy to produce uneven thickness.

            The machine has the advantages of fast spraying and gypsum mortar. A machine is equivalent to more than 10 people. There is no floor ash when spraying, and it is not affected by the shape of the wall.

            It has a wide range of applications. It can spray gypsum, putty, mortar, fireproof coating, refractory, etc. It is suitable for reinforcement, leveling, painting, tiling, filling mortar, etc.