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            Characteristics of putty spray machine


            Putty powder spraying machine is a high-level, automatic decorating machine integrating pumping and spraying, which is commonly used to protect internal and external walls, spray, spray, top and bottom slurry, etc. It is a new generation of decoration machinery, absorbing many advantages of the former putty machine, making it more prominent in key technologies. Its characteristics and superior performance are summarized as follows:

            1. It has high benefit. Artificial plastering and puttying have always occupied half of the putty decoration. However, with the acceleration of social construction, this low efficiency decoration mode gradually withdrew from the stage of history, replacing the professional, putty powder sprayer with high level, high efficiency and low labor input. Manual painting putty can only have an average construction volume of 100-150 square meters per day at most, while mechanical decoration can reach 200-400 square meters per hour, and can easily earn thousands of yuan per square meter per day, thus greatly improving the comprehensive efficiency.

            2, decoration. This professional putty spray machine can operate continuously, with large machine flow. The putty sprayed by high pressure will not hang on the wall and has good adhesion. The putty layer can achieve long life. Compared with the coatings that are easy to be uneven, uneven and layered, the technology of putty layer sprayed by this professional putty spray machine is more advanced and the comprehensive effect is better.

            3. Easy to operate. With the addition of putty powder spraying machine, making putty is not so complicated. Raw materials and putty can be compressed into a simple conveying pipe for conveying and spraying by high-pressure spray gun. Therefore, the difficulty of operation and manpower investment is greatly reduced.